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As the world's largest and most established educational engineering competition, Formula Student (FS, aka FSAE in North America) gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in many aspects of the engineering design process, which translate to real-world professional skills. This includes facets like research & design, manufacturing & testing, as well as marketing, managing finances and overall management.

In the UK, the event is organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and held at the world-famous Silverstone circuit with over 100 teams attending. Here, the competition is split into 3 main classes: FS, Concept & FS-AI.

  • FS Class is the ‘standard’ class, where teams build and enter a Formula-style race car.

  • Concept Class is where teams can enter a concept rather than a full vehicle.

  • FS-AI Class is where teams develop autonomous driving systems for a driverless car. This can either be implemented on a borrowed driverless vehicle from IMechE (known as the ADS-DV) via the DDT entry, or by building their own driverless platform on their car, via the ADS entry.

Press the button below to learn more about the UK Formula Student competition at IMechE's website.


Formula Student Team Napier was founded on December 19th, 2021,  and since then we have been hard at work developing an internal combustion (IC) car, as well as autonomous driving software which we implement on the IMechE ADS-DV vehicle.

The team currently consists of 30+ students, who are spread across various roles in the team split into 5 departments (technical, driverless, operations, PR & marketing, and finance). Whilst our team is primarily engineering-focused, there are a lot of support roles that are required in order to actually complete a project of this scale. This was developed with the team ethos in mind, which is to provide an opportunity for any student passionate about the project to be able to get involved with the team. 

To find out more about how our team is structured, our current team & past results, and how you can join us, press the buttons below.

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