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Driverless Team

The 'Driverless' team focus on designing a full-stack software system to control an autonomous race car, including the sensor technology and computing hardware needed to power the algorithms within.  

Founded in September 2022, FSTN's Driverless Team quickly became a force to be reckoned with, placing 4th overall in FS-AI UK 2023 - their debut year!

Silverstone '23

Topics / Software Sub-Teams

We get to work on some really cool stuff, with some really cool technologies.  Here's a taster... 

image-20221216-45915 pm-80e21371_LowRes.jpeg


Using sensors and object detection algorithms to identify cones and calculate their locations in 3D space.  

Path Planning

Calculating a path through the cones, and generating control instructions for the vehicle to follow.

Vehicle Control

Interfacting with the ADS-DV via a CAN BUS, sending control commands and handling aditional requirements.  


During our design process each year, testing our software is a vital aspect!  We conduct real-world tests in many ways, from testing performance and vehicle integration on the ADS-DV (the IMechE's shared 'DDT Class' vehicle), to testing individual sub-systems independently of each other, like our Perception System for Cone Detection.  

image-20230727-123547 pm-8953cd64.jpeg
Testing without the ADS-DV_edited.jpg

The Competition

In 2023, FSTN Driverless competed at Silverstone, coming 4th Place Overall in FS-AI, which is unheard of for a first-year team.  Our software performed reliably, being the ONLY team to complete the 'Trackdrive' or 'Endurance' event without hitting a single cone.  

Going forwards, we hope to refine our system to use more advanced planning techniques, and increace perception performance to allow us to race at faster speeds and compete with the best teams in the UK for another year.  

image-20230727-123647 pm-5c34a94b.jpeg

Fancy Joining the Team?

Not studying Computing?

No Problem!

There's a lot more to Formula Student than just Software and Techy-Stuff! 

The 'Static Events' are a HUGE part of the competition, making up half of all points, involving Business Plan Presentations and case studies into AI in the Real World. 


We also need Students with a passion for Business, Finance, English, Marketing, Film and TV, and much more...

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