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About the Departments

FSTN is structured as 5 different departments, all led by a Department manager. Some departments have multiple managers due to the overlap of some roles. The departments and their managers are overseen by the Team Principal.

The Technical Department works to design, manufacture and test a Formula Student car, in 10 months. The department also prepares documentation to compete in the Formula Student static events.

The Technical Department is led by the Chief Engineer who oversees the engineering of the car, and the management of the technical team. The Chief Engineer is responsible for making decisions on the direction and engineering approach when developing the Formula Student car. The CE is supported by a team of Senior Engineers, who are responsible for delivering the systems of the car. They in turn are supported by a sub-team of Engineers and Junior Engineers.


When joining the Technical Department, you will be evaluated on your skills and interests before a role is established. Most applicants will initially join as Junior Engineers, where they will learn essential engineering skills in their first-year before being given more formidable tasks.

This department is open to join for any student at Edinburgh Napier University, however for engineering roles we highly recommend you are studying a relevant degree (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering).

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